Laurel & Flame

The LAUREL & FLAME Premium Select series was created to satisfy the demanding and those who are looking for something special either in their daily life or for an important moment by sharing it with friends.

Here in the whole range of olive oils we find:

  • Early harvested olives (October-November)
  • Organic farming
  • Protected Geographical Indication (Olympia PGI)
  • Very high concentration of polyphenols (Health Claim EU 432/2012)
  • Selected olive groves, over hundred years old olive trees
  • A very old local variety named ‘Tsabidolia’, rich in polyphenols and aroma.

With two proposals, Olympia PGI and the latest FRESH ‘Tsabidolia’. Consisting of three Local varieties Koroneiki, Kolireiki but also a very old one named ‘Tsabidolia’ harvested from trees over 150 years old.

We create and suggest unique blends with intensities and aromas.


Myths Of Ancient Olympia

The Myths Of Ancient Olympia series was created to follow you in your daily life.

Here in the whole range of olive oils we find:

  • Harvested when almost ripe, November to December
  • Renowned Greek ‘Koroneiki’ as single variety but also blended with local Olympia varieties
  • Protected Geographical Indication (Olympia PGI)
  • Very high concentration of polyphenols (Health Claim EU 432/2012)

Consisting of two excellent varieties, Koroneiki and Kolireiki. These two varieties have excellent taste characteristics and at the same time are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. It is noted that both proposals have the claim of health*.


The overall philosophy of our family for the proposed products is very simple, to create and suggest only products with particular flavor and quality characteristics (see This Is My ID Project).

Starting the work from the field and the harvest, continuing with their processing, standardization and finally their storage. All of the above with the best procedures and in the best environment. It is noted that the facilities have been ISO and Organic certified.

All the raw materials come from the land of Ancient Olympia, a PGI region with valleys, hills and many rivers ideal for growing countless fruits and vegetables. It is no coincidence that it’s considered one of the largest rural area in Greece.

Our brands and packaging are influenced but also dedicated to the glorious history of Ancient Olympia. A symbol of peace, sports and the birthplace of the Olympic Games which even today is still considered the top world sporting event every 4 years.

It is noted that our family applies practices of sustainable cultivation (sustainable agriculture) and zero waste. Using crop waste for energy production but also as fertilizer for our trees.

So, we are pleased to suggest you the two collections we created for you, OLYMPIAN MYTH and LAUREL & FLAME. Hoping to accompany you in your daily life but also in the special moments of your life.


A project created so that the buyer of the final product knows exactly what he’s buying. Origin, quality characteristics with analysis and consumption tips. All this through the mobile of each consumer and a QR code located in the tab that accompanies the product.

It is very important for the family that the consumer knows exactly the product he intends to buy and compares it properly with corresponding competitor products. Pilot is applied to the entire range of olive oils.


  • Origin, description of the place of origin of the product with references to its cultivation and the particular characteristics of the wider PGI area.
  • Qualitative Characteristics, description of the varieties used, chemical analysis with the respective limits and results of tasting panels.
  • Consumption tips, usage tips by product category and even links to recipes.


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