The Olive Mill

In the innovative olive mill of the family, the efforts of one year are transformed into the final product, filling all its members with joy and satisfaction. Olive oil extraction from the fruit occurs within 3 hours from the moment it is removed from the tree. But the work does not end there. Storage, bottling and durability are things that concerns us throughout the year. By controlling the ambient temperature of the storage tanks and with the simultaneous presence of Nitrogen and Argon in all its processing stages, we expect the maximum life of our EVOO.

From the beginning, the mill was designed taking into account all the modern techniques and methods of oil extraction, giving us the opportunity to produce an excellent product in taste but also polyphenols. To emphasize here that all our labels have the health claim containing a total number of polyphenols at least three times higher than the limit set by the European Regulation.

Temperature control at all stages, water abstention, vacuum malaxation and olive oil directly from the decanter are some of the innovations of our system.

Our mill is for personal use only. The only ones allowed to use it are our family and the Olympia producers who have harmonized with our requirements in cultivation and olive harvesting. Operating informally as an agricultural cooperative with a common vision.

We have integrated waste management, using it for energy and fertilizer.

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