Laurel & Flame Fresh ‘Tsabidolia’ 100ml


  • Early harvest, best enjoyed within 6 months from bottling
  • Product of Organic Farming
  • Robust taste, intense aftertaste
  • Harvest when green and unriped, October to November
  • Olive groves sitted in the hills near Ancient Olympia ruins
  • Produced in a few hours after harvesting, in our family-owned olive mill
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Type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Health Claim
Size: 100ml
Varietal: Tsabidolia Local Olympia
Acidity: 0,19
Harvest: October-November 2023
Extr. Temperature: Cold Extraction 24Co
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Food pairing: A light green oil that is recommended for use in cold dishes, soups and as an appetizer with different types of bread. A delicious experience with intensities that every person should acquire and carry as a memory like all the people of the Mediterranean acquire from their childhood.


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